Installation > Of Milk and Honey

of Milk and Honey, honey sculpture, lauren turk sculpture, lauren turk art, soft sculpture, faith art, promise land,
Of Milk and Honey detail of Alter
foam, wood, fabric, paper, glass, and acrylic
8ft x 3ft 6in

‘Imagine a land teaming with absolute abundance. Sugary sick sticky amber drizzled over a mound of white. A thousand blurs bouncing. Light flickering from left, right, and again. Steady rhythm hum. Cry out in the hope of transformation. Rebirth and renewal. The workers toil away with a promise of tomorrow. If I’m only more obedient, fold just one more, prayers to be answered. Tonight let’s dine on curdled wax, a byproduct of our labor. Take 559 workers and fly 55,000 miles. With our faces bright, rubbed clean from years of wear, we swim. The light reveals the broken backs straining up to bless the future. I will take the chance, the great bird rising. Mold begins within the crease the cracks splay forth subtlety. This space is not fictitious. I will continue to believe. Lifted up by the boards that my father had in his shed’