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Hotel Anima detail of Bellhop
opening night Performance; April 26th, 2010, 5-8pm Show duration; April 26th-30th

In this installation I transformed a gallery into a makeshift hotel. The intention of this show was to give the viewer a complete experience, where they were totally immersed within the environment. The hotel was designed to subtlety illustrate the various sides and stages of the Anima/Animus. The Anima is Latin for breath, soul, and or spirit. Guests had to sign in at the front desk, and were each given a necktie. Hotel staff circulated the massive room adorned in fantastical bellhop style uniforms In the center of the Grand-Ballroom was a 16 ft. table with a 5 ft. Styrofoam and drywall compound cake. On either side of the massive cake were three edible cakes, served to guests in their palm. In the image above are the guests partaking in the festivities, and at the center is the party’s host for the evening. She acts as the reincarnation of Marie Antoinette, overly theatrical and dramatic.
The remnants of the opening night were left on display for the remainder of the show. Seeing all of the chaos present within the room gave the environment an unsettling feeling. Visually absorbing all of the simulated decadence and excessive waste demonstrated the devious side of the Anima.