River Walk

The magnificence of this journey,
Forging toward the center.
Eden, I am coming for you.

Drench my socks,
Way me down,
A thousand hands clapping,
And I yearn to hear one pair.

Unrelenting power,
Pound on me,
Pound on me!
Oh river, wash me clean.

I want to absorb the sun,
Shoot rays out of my blown out ends.
Make me radiant.
Let me in.

Two pieces of ice in your rock glass,
My neck pressed against yours.
Oh river, wash me clean.

Make my path smooth like stone,
Comfort me in your red plaid shirt,
Teach me to fight.

The waves beat in steady rhythm,
Drenched in lilac bloom and gin,
Suck strawberries not stolen by sparrows,
Let me feed you.
Oh river, wash me clean.

And I have known you this long time,
Stood in your fields and plucked from your vine.
Played air piano on the dash of your Jeep.
Oh river, wash me clean.

Remember the dance we shared,
In the alley,
Behind your sister’s apartment?

You were glorious!
You are glorious!
Oh river, wash me clean.

Love letters written,
Love letters given away.
Where is the postman?
Where is my letter?

Chickadees on your back,
Peek through your thin white shirt.
Pool hall hustler,
Quiet grace, fill me.
Oh river, wash me clean.

I slip,
I fall,
I collapse into the rocky bed.
The sheets no longer fit.

Step over your sorrow,
Climb into me,
Drink from my well,
And play at my feet.
Oh river, wash me clean.

Rage your relentless motion,
Beat down upon me.
Rub my skin raw,
Tattoo your glory upon me.

Write happiness with sweat,
Shake the leafy cathedral.
Admire the lace of each branch,
Grasp at every molecule.
Oh river, wash me clean.

Spill fourth your sticky honey hands,
Lick the sweetness of my mouth.
Spread your goodness out like sand,
Make perfect my perception.


Oh great river, wash me clean.